Thursday, 2 June 2011

Save Wilton's Music Hall!

Dear NTWEW readers
Wilton's Music Hall, the only surviving example of a 19th century music hall in the entire country, is under threat. For many years, the Trustees have been struggling to keep this unique building from collapse. A recent application for Heritage Lottery funding has recently been rejected and, unless the public can raise £2m, Wilton's will disappear for ever.

What would you prefer - a wonderful piece of theatrical, social and architectural history, or yet another faceless apartment block, office building or car park?
I'm asking you to support Wilton's while you can. Go along and see a performance, buy a drink in the bar, take a guided tour or make a donation, however small, via the "JustGiving" widget to the left of this message, or visit

Keep our theatrical heritage alive!

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